Monday, August 29, 2011

Questions In My Head: Dinner Conversation in 1909

In the time between when my head hits the pillow and I actually fall asleep--a vastly changing number depending on the night and the thoughts--I usually construct scenes. Since my heroine of the Time Travel Romance (that's not the real name, I promise, but it doesn't have one yet) Clara is sitting down to dinner in 1909 with only one person who knows anything about 2011 where she comes from, I tried to come up with dinner conversation.
Things I considered before deciding it probably wasn't appropriate for a lady to discuss:
* How long Ben Mitchell has been her "guardian" and their respective fathers' deaths.
* Anything political going on.
* Anything that might be interesting ...

Which led me to the Questions In My Head:
1. What did ladies talk about at dinner in 1909?
2. What did they eat?
3. How were they served?
4. Why haven't I bought "Seasons of Splendor" yet ...?

So while I'm off to go research, maybe somebody knows the answer? Jot it down in the comments for me! :)

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