Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Too Crazy For My Own Good

This whole thing is ludicrous. Why in the world am I adding yet another blog? Let's be serious for a minute and consider how good I am at posting on the others. Not bad lately on my writing blog. Absolutely horrendous on my family blog. I wrote my Mommy Author's post this morning and scheduled it to post because I'm moving sometime in the next two weeks. Yeah, I'M MOVING. Sometime in the next two weeks. That is actually as exact as the schedule is!
So what has possessed me??
1. I LOVE history. I should marry it. (hehehe)
2. There are SO many links between writing and history. I want to explore them all.
SO what will this blog be about, you ask? Will it be about writing about history? Will it be about the history of literature? Will it be about history in writing? Will it be about the history of writing? I hope it will be a little bit about all of that.
I can say that history inspires almost everything I've every written. I have this podcast that I adore. (You'll see multiple links to it on this blog, I'm sure.) It's called Stuff You Missed in History Class. Every time I listen to one I get a story idea.
Sometimes I have to research history--I still like doing that, despite being out of school--and I want to share the cool stuff I've learned.
That's what this blog will be about.

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