Sunday, August 21, 2011

History and NaNo Wrimo

I know it's still over two months away, but every year as November gets closer, I get excited! If you don't know what NaNo WriMo is, head on over to their website here. I got my idea while listening to the "Missed in History" podcast, which is why my first NaNo WriMo post of the year is on my write+history blog instead of on my writing blog.

Drum roll please ...

What would it be like if famous historical figures like Marie Antoinette went to high school?

It would be a hilarious way to pick up a little history. Here are some of my thoughts so far:
* Madame la guillotine = swirlies in a toilet
* A mob of fed up students, led by the ultra nerd, storming detention.
* A prom queen who spends all the school's money on ... well, prom!

These thoughts of course led me down a wonderful, imaginative road. I'm definitely envisioning a series which includes World War II in the form of a basketball championship, the "American" football players getting impressed into the "British" football team (War of 1812 anyone?) ... the possibilities are ENDLESS!

I love being me.

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